Matrix Voice: Beamforming, AEC, dereverberation and noise cancellation


Greetings everyone!
My Matrix voice should arrive soon, so i am currently doing research on all components i need for my project.

Since the code of the FPGA is not open source yet, what is the state of the promoted features?

  • Beamforming
    -> The delay & sum algorithm is currently done on the CPU side, not FPGA. Only one beam supported.
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC)
    -> No info found, is it implemented?
  • Dereverberation
    -> No info found, is it implemented?
  • Noise Cancellation
    -> No info found, is it implemented? Is the Autio Output already cancelled out?

There is code for receiving each microphones data as PCM, Everloop control and Acoustic Source Localization (also non-FPGA algorithm). I could not find code for Audio Output over the Hadphone Jack.

Also there seems to be no official pinout of the RPI Header or a proper board schematic. I only found some reverse engeneered(?) info. Are there some sort of official documents available somewhere?

Thanks for any help! :slight_smile: I hope this board gets a bit more open source, so one can actually use it efficiently to build stuff. Having to reverse engeneer stuff of an “open source” platform is quite annoying.


It arrived today, which is good, but nobody answered, which is bad.

I don’t use a RPi, so the most basic thing to get going is still missing: A board schematic!


i do not have a matrix voice, but there was released an example yesterday, to use the audio jack on the voice:


@Draghi can you confirm whether the device has AEC?


AFAIK, no. But that knowledge is pretty old now. I didn’t touch it since February. The only thing the FPGA did back then was translating the analog levels of the MEMS microphones into PCM.