MATRIX Voice ESP32 as PC mic input & audio output

Hello to this great community.
I work on databases and i have no experience in this field, but , for a new project this board seems ideal.
My question is, when connected to Windows PC via USB, can this board work as mic input on pc and audio output?
The desired result is to have the PC audio output on Matrix board audio jack and the board to be seen on PC as a microphone (to set it as default communication device).

Hi @vatech,

Welcome to the community!

The MATRIX Voice is compatible with the Raspberry Pi running a Linux-based Raspbian Buster OS. It interfaces with the Raspberry Pi using UART and SPI via the GPIO pins. See pinout here.

The MATRIX Voice ESP32 version can be programmed to be a standalone device (first programming still needs to happen through the Raspberry Pi) to stream audio data over WiFi. We have a project that does something like this here. You could then set up your Windows PC to be the server to receive the audio data and transmit it back to the MATRIX Voice standalone device for audio playback.

The functionality you mention below is not available out of the box.