Matrix Voice ESP32 open AP

I have the Matrix Voice with ESP32, but I am not using the ESP32 at the moment.

However, the ESP has an open Wifi AP (ESP_XXXXXX) all the time and I don’t need that. Is there a way to disable the ESP32 while I don’t use it?


Are you sure the WiFi AP is from you Matrix Voice?
Did you flash the esp32 with some software earlier?

You can reset the chip by doing command 5 and 6 from Step 1 of this documentation:

Reboot after performing those commands


Well the AP is there when the Matrix Voice has power, and it disappears when I power it off. So very sure.

I did not flash the esp32 at all so that is quite strange to me.

Applying command 5 and 6 from Step 1 plus a sudo reboot worked! Also, now that the esp32 is off, there is significantly less noise on the Matrix Voice Speaker Connector Output!


Great :slight_smile: