MATRIX Voice Launched on Indiegogo!


Hello MATRIX Community!

We are very excited to announce our latest innovation, the MATRIX Voice. It’s a smaller Creator aimed at supporting Voice driven applications. We are looking forward to seeing what you come up with using this board!

MATRIX Voice is an open-source VOICE RECOGNITION platform consisting of a 3.14-inches in diameter dev board, with a radial array of 7 MEMS microphones connected to a Xilinx Spartan6 FPGA & 64 Mbit SDRAM with 18 RGBW LED’s & 64 GPIO pins. Providing developers the opportunity to integrate custom voice & hardware-accelerated machine learning technology right onto the silicon. An ESP32 Wi-Fi / BT enabled 32 bit microcontroller version is available. It’s for makers, industrial and home IoT engineers.



Yeah it looks great, But why is the shipping so much more expensive? I was ready to pledge until I saw the $41 shipping fee.


Hey @bryce thank for the headsup on this !

Happy to announce that we just changed the shipping costs!

… From $41 to now, $15 for shipment of single unit perks, and $24 for perks containing kits. If you are an international buyer of MATRIX Voice, we will refund the variance of $26 ($41-$15) you had already paid for shipping. Our goal is to provide the best value and we are constantly pushing the boundaries to make that happen!

So go ahead and get your MATRIX Voice !




Silly questions,
But can Matrix Voice with ESP32 be used with Raspberry Pi?
(Look like that the esp32 module will touch ethernet jack?)
Interested in combo perks (with & without esp32)



that’s great but what about the Matrix Creator? 49 dollars for international shipping and handling will discourage many people as they have to pay national taxes on top of the price+shipping costs too.


Is that new board more advanced than the Matrix Creator in terms of voice recognition? Is the software compatible? (i.e.: voice recognition libraries can also run on the Matrix Creator)


The current design of the MATRIX Voice is for use it with the Raspberry Pi or the ESP32, not with both at the same time. So it’s not going to be supported.
ftHowever if find useful the mixed configuration (Pi + ESP32 + MATRIX Voice) nothing stops you :). Let us know you ideas and could help !

PD: I dont think the space between MATRIX Voice and the Ethernet in the PI would be a big issue .


Hi @luisnomad,

Regarding this, the capabilities of the software are going to be the same for MATRIX Creator and MATRIX Voice. And Yes, the software is compatible.



Hi thanks for the answer,
Sorry for little bit confusion with my question.
I need one last confirmation before pledging.
I understand we can not use Pi+ESP32+MATRIX Voice at the same time.
(If you have time, could you elaborate this, look like to me ESP32 was directly
connected to the FPGA, so should not be interfered with Pi?)

So, if I got two MATRIX Voice Wi-Fi/BT/MCU (ESP32),
if I’m not going to use ESP32, I still can use both with Pi right?
(I was asking because it is not clear from your campaign page,
whether I need MATRIX Voice without ESP32 one to use with Pi)
Please reply ‘yes’ and I will pledge right away;)


PS. Couldn’t find any picture with MATRIX+ESP32 connected to Pi, so.


They kits and perks in the MATRIX Voice campaign don’t talk about ESP + MVoice + Rasp Pi all together but you can do it. So:

No, You can use them together.

Yes you can.

We can help you if you need more information, just ask !!



Yay, Great.
Just pledge for 2 MATRIX Voice with ESP32.
Will play it first with RPi3 though when it come.
Good Luck with the project.
Thanks, Yoel.


Hey Guys,
Do you have acoustic beamforming software ready for teh MATRIX systems?


@thehellmaker Yes! Beamforming software is ready for MATRIX.


@CreatorSean Thanks for getting back. I have placed matrix voice order how ever I already have a matrix creator. Where can I find the beamforming implementation so that i can start integrating?


I found it in malos source

Thanks a lot