Matrix Voice LED Clock


I was wondering, if anybody have done such a simple script already. I’m planning to program my Matrix Voice Device in the near future, that it displays the time on its 18 LEDs. It might look a little bit funny, because with the number of LEDs given, the LEDs number of LEDs shining (one or two) have to alternate every number by turning on one LED for 1 a.m., then turning on the next two LEDs for 2 a.m. and so on.

Has anyone ever done something like that or can give me any advice?

Best regards


Yes, I have thought about it but I could not find a nice way to display a set of leds for each time.
It will look funny indeed.

I’ve started developing the clock application in python. :smiley: It already displays the current hour. I think it will only work for Matrix Voice Standard. Don’t except something complete too soon, I don’t have much time atm :frowning:

Update, i’ve managed to get it working. You can find the project over here: