Matrix voice not recognizing google assistant wake word


I’ve been having some difficulty running a google assistant on the matrix voice. All of the steps are working fine (after a few tries), but I cannot get the device to recognize “okay google” or “hey google”. Note that this doesn’t work using the Google sample code either, although in both cases I get no errors.

Also, the demos have stopped working for me. They were initially working, as I tried them before jumping into the google assistant, but now after running each one I get the error “can’t open device”.

The microphone seems to be working, as I can use arecord and replay the file. The only thing is that that it plays quietly and quickly. Is that expected?

Any help would be appreciated. I’ll admit that I’m a little out of my depth with Python, but I’m enjoying playing around with this device! Thanks in advance.

Hi @woolypencil,

Sorry about the delayed response. Did you solve the issue?

Please paste here any output that you get, it is helpful to understand what could be happening.

What demos are you referring to?

What do you mean by quickly ?

Thats great … sorry about the late reply again.