Matrix Voice, Snips & Home Assistant working together

Except for the fact that the Hackster requires a Pi and mine is esp32 standalone.
Using the Pi works fine, but that is not what I want the device to do :slight_smile:

Hi @milode and others,

The playback is not done yet, still been worked on. Maybe another two weeks, not happy about the last estimated ETA for this. Just wanted to follow up on this and letting you know we are on this.

@Romkabouter, For sure an app will be released as well.


Thnx for the update!

Hi, i am also stopped working with Matrix Voice cause the audio output does not working. Still waiting for this. Hope the output is working soon. I also think about to buy a ReSpeaker.

But perhaps this works after my Holidays in 3 Weeks.


Hi yoel,
now it is mid of November!
What about playing audio out of speaker connecor on Matrix Voice??
it’s really bitter to pay 50USD for a device that can only be used as an LED ring.
You should rename it to “Matrix SILENT”.
Is it possible to get the money back for it?

Hi @milode,

We understand the frustration and are really sorry that this feature has taken some time to be delivered, but as you can see here, we just released last week support for audio output in MATIX Voice. We will be adding this soon to the documentation but if you want you can give it a try today. Please let us know about any issues you have and we will try to help.
Please keep in mind that besides the LEDs you can also use the microphones and the GPIOs on board.

Sorry again about some features not being ready as fast as expected, but you can be sure that we are working on it.

For any other inquiries please email Alfred at He will help you!