Matrix Voice wakeword change?

Has anyone successfully changed the wakeword for Alexa to e.g. “Computer” on the Matrix Voice?
Is that even possible?

One way you could do that is using pocketsphinx. You can “train” new words for the wakeword. Check out here :

Thanks, the demo runs fine, but where is is configured what to do with what command?
“Matrix everloop” is ofcourse to executable.
An to get to my goal: how to use it to trigger Alexa?

The wakeword app you need will, on one side, get audio and “listen” for the hotword. As a reference of using pocketsphonix for this see here:

In the other hand the app should “talk” to AVS some how. If you are using the Alexa demo based on java from Amazon, the wakeword app will have to talk to the JAVA client app. As a reference, you can use the WakewordAgent app provided in the demo. As examples please see GPIOWakeWordEngine or SensoryWakeWordEngine classes implementations.
code here:

This is just an idea on how to do it, using C++. Maybe you find a better one :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks - I will dive in :slight_smile: