Matrix Zigbee Static Node ID

Hi Everyone,

I would like to set a specific device with a static node ID within my matrix creator network so that each time I create the network and that device connects it will recieve the same node ID.

I have been using the javascript code within the matrix malos zigbee GitHub for my project:

Any help would be great!

Hi @alley1245,

To register an unpaired zigbee device with a static node ID, I typically run this example @Carlos wrote which creates a file called devices.json to store the node ID to be remembered and called on for all future zigbee examples. The device should only need to be registered once.

Keep in mind you need to have the matrixio-malos-zigbee service running for this code to work.

Once registered, for our zigbee light bulb, we then use this example to programmatically toggle it.

Let us know how it goes!