Matrix ZigBee + XBee S2C communication


I am trying to communicate the Matrix Creator ZigBee with the XBee S2C. Both devices are based on EM35x.

I’m using the test_zigbee.js example and the Gateway started but kept waiting for devices to connect. After that, I configured the XBee (picture attached) but both devices cannot communicate with each other.

The Matrix Creator is not detected by the XBee scan even using the same PANID.

Are Matrix Creator and XBee compatible ? Am I doing something wrong ?

Thanks a lot !


Theoretically, they are compatible, but we have not personally tested this.

Are both Zigbee devices in the same frequency band? You can check the MATRIX Creator Zigbee frequency band by checking if you have a US or EU Creator based on the letter on the green chip on your board.