Mic array performance compared to ReSpeaker

Looking for primarily a mic array platform to embed Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service into for a sleep tracker… How does the 8 mic array in the Matrix Creator compare to the ReSpeaker Mic array?

Does it feature on chip Beamforming, Noise Suppression, De-reverberation & Acoustic Echo Cancellation like the ReSpeaker…

Can’t find performance characteristics in the documentation: https://matrix-io.github.io/matrix-documentation/Hardware/API/microphone/ just get a 404…

Any response on this? I am looking to buy this primarily for the microphone array, and re-speaker seems to be more focussed on this. Anyone from Matrix can reply here? This is such a great platform. I wouldn’t want to buy something else just because of better advertising. Thanks!

I’m also interested in a comparison between the two, although having (potential) Z-Wave support in the matrix creator is a definite plus for me.

It would really be great if anyone could share some insight between these two.

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+1 … this would be very useful information

+1 for those who are undecided

I have heard from a contact @ Matrix.One … that Matrix has the above capabilities mostly working for their proprietary consumer device. Will matrix.one please share the source code or libraries (to achieve above) with the developers? Especially far-field improvements. TIA for reading guys!

Yes to your question. According to Matrix the following is supported

Beamforming, Noise Suppression, De-reverberation & Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Additionally, acoustic source localisation, far field vouce capture and more…

Info here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/matrix-voice-open-source-voice-platform-for-all#/

Edit: This is for the new voice product, not sure about creator

Thanks, but can anyone from the company answer the initial question if the Matrix Creator has all those features.

According to https://github.com/matrix-io/matrix-creator-malos/issues/87 we don’t have for instance echo cancellation on Matrix Creator.

Can we please get an overview what is implemented and what not? Otherwise one can use my 10$ microphone for the same purpose.

Did anyone ever get feedback from MATRIX on this? I’m looking into the same thing and I don’t see much data on the difference between these two platforms or the more general discussion of an FPGA based system (VOICE) and an ASIC based system (ReSpeaker.)

im here to bump this question again!