Mic array stops working after a while

Hi, I’m having a weird issue with the microphone array…

I have microphone set up correctly, following the Alexa tutorial & some issue threads on this forum (.asoundrc in place, defaults.ctl and defaults.pcm in alsa.conf pointing to snd_dummy) and microphone works and I can record sound with it successfully. However, it stops working after a while (maybe after 10-15min or so). “arecord -l” still lists the devices correctly, “cat /proc/asound/modules” still lists snd_dummy and I can even attempt to record sound with arecord, but the microphone is receiving no data. Rebooting the device seems to fix the issue, but only for a short while as the mic always dies soon afterwards.

Please help!

I managed to resolve the issue by flashing the latest raspbian to my pi and starting from scratch. My hunch is that NOOBS comes with some audio services that take over the microphones / are incompatible in some way

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