Mic_channels: sound is too noisy

I did the record sound using the microphone array. The first thing I tried was running the micarray_recorder demo.
When i was trying to run the Microphone test recorder , i was getting 8 Audio streams as RAW and after converting them to “AWAVE Audio” when i tried to play the Channels Audio track , the output is very noisy.
I listened to all 8 audio channels and they all have the noise
Is there any steps i need to do ??
Kindly help me

If you are directly running demo apps in teh HAL layer you should stop the MALOS because both access the FPGA data using SPI and the data get some noise when this happens.
So try to kill MALOS sudo pkill malos and then run the micarray_recorder again



Thank you for your response

In fact i just worked with only Hal and i didn’t use MALOS but the
problem still persists
Kindly help me

Did you killed MALOS service and run the test micarray_recorder again ?


Yes i killed the MALOS then i did the record sound( i run the testmicarray_recorder) …i was getting 8 audio streams as RAW but the problem is that the mic_channel_1 still noisy !!!
Just the mic_channel_1 is noisy , the other are working correctly !!!
kindly help me

I am having exactly the same problem. I killed MALOS by executing sudo pkill malos.
Nevertheless, once I execute the micarray_recorder.py, I get 8 files, of which the second one (channel_1) only contains noise. Interestingly, the last channel, which should be the beamforming channel as far as I understood, is ok.

Here are the recordings of the 8 channels together with a foto of the board:

I am using the latest matrix-creator-hal from github (sha1: 35f2ec0f82e1edb99d33fc89155333e78e86b2c4).

Could this be a hardware issue?

Thanks for your help!


Thanks for all the info. Indeed, it looks like a hardware issue. We will be contacting you to help you with the next steps.