Micarray_recorder Problem

I want to record for a longer time. 10 sec -> 120sec segmentation fault.

uint16_t seconds_to_record = 10; // 120


for (uint32_t s = 0; s < mics.NumberOfSamples(); s++) { //mics.NumberOfSamples() = 128
for (uint16_t c = 0; c < mics.Channels(); c++) { /* mics.Channels()=8 */
buffer[c][s] = mics.At(s, c);
fwrite(buffer[0], sizeof(short), 128, fp);
then I received data in one buffer.

If data is continuously received in one buffer, the data will be lost or strange data will be stored.

I need your help.

thank you.

Hello @mda

Did you kill malos service?, I notice that you are using a c++ code.

Type in your console sudo killall malos

Let us if you have more questions,


thank Kevin


Yes I kill malos service.

$ pkill -9 -ef malos*

same result is obtained.