Microphone array flexibility

Hi there, is there any way to play with the configuration of the microphone array. Can let’s say only 3 adjacent mics that create a small arc be used and tested rather than all of them? The mechanical design we are using does not have room for the full circle, and we are looking at something closer to a linear/180 configuration.

Hi @tchains,

Yes, you can get audio from specifics microphones. For example, If using C++, you could just take audio data from specific channels (each channel is a mic ) using the index in microphone_array.At(s, c) . Take a look at the example using HAL Library here.

If you are using ALSA, you can, in the same way, using different microphones by using the different channels in the audio data.

Potentially I think you could also add external compatible microphones and have your own arrangement. Using something like this 511-STEVAL-MKI155V2. Those are the exact same microphones present in MATRIX Creator and Voice. You could make a linear array using this.

Let me know if you need more help