Microphone not working with MALOS


Microphones don’t work with Malos. The error message is : “Floating point exception” (test_micarray.js). With Matrix HAL (cpp), it’s running…

$ node test_micarray.js
Got SIGNAL startComplete
Got SIGNAL pauseComplete
Microphone paused
Got SIGNAL resumeComplete
Microphone resumed
Got SIGNAL stopComplete
Microhphone stopped

$ malos
MALOS starting
You can query specific driver info using port 20012.
Registered driver IMU with port 20013.
Registered driver Humidity with port 20017.
Registered driver Everloop with port 20021.
Registered driver Pressure with port 20025.
Registered driver UV with port 20029.
Registered driver MicArray_Alsa with port 20037.
Registered driver Servo with port 20045.
Registered driver Gpio with port 20049.
Floating point exception

Hi @gbouget,

Can you describe the steps you followed for the setup of the board?

Would you also share what board are you using (M. Creator or Voice).?

Thank you.

We use M. Creator and we followed the steps of the doc : https://github.com/matrix-io/matrix-creator-malos.

OS : Rasbian Stretch.