Mycroft AI Partnership

Mycroft AI also runs on the Raspberry PI.

Matrix Creator + Mycroft might be an interesting partnership.


I also think it’s interesting, mostly since I work for Mycroft AI and really like the Matrix Hardware.

We do have a Picroft image out here: Picroft Image for Download

Do you have a Matrix board? Have you tried them together?

I just pre-ordered the Matrix Voice and plan on seeing how well they work together then.

Let me know!

Did someone tried to combine Mycroft AI with Matrix Voice?

Not with MV but with MC. It will not work as you will get the same Python root cause, search “Bad file descriptor” in the forum.

I just received my board and looking for someone to partner with implementing integration.

Hey @Neo I was watching this thread for a while. I also have Matrix Voice board. Let me know how I can help.
I’m @Phil at

Mycroft now works with the Matrix voice.

My setup is…

Raspbian Stretch Light
The new MV kernel modules
A dev install of Mycroft… (install time is 45+ minutes)

There are several people in the Mycroft community trying to get the picroft image to work on Stretch. When that happens, people will have a second/faster way to get started.

In the meantime, I would propose a Raspian image with the MV kernel modules and the Mycroft dev environment (master branch) and simply start everything at boot.

As a bonus, a GUI could be included by preinstalling Node-Red+dashboard, I use this now to check the status of the pi and to start/stop and chat with Mycroft from my phone/tablet…


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Awesome @sysctl!
I will try that and will make a guide for it.


Thanks for bringing the information! I can’t wait to see how the project fallback-node-red involves. I think renaming it and dropping ‘fallback’. Fallbacks implies that something fails thus the fallback method is relied upon for functionality. It’s more of a integration then fallback.

Did you ever get a chance to make the guide for this?

No yet @SpaceGlider, have you tried @sysctl setup?

Will let you know when a guide/tutorial is available.


Any news about the guide?

Hi @Paul. The mycroft Raspberry Pi download is currently for Raspbian Jessie. This causes some compatibility issues because our software is built for Raspbian Stretch (the latest version of Raspbian). We will work on a guide once mycroft can support Raspbian Stretch.

Hi @Carlos

Mycroft works now with the Raspberry Pi 3b+ and Raspbian Stretch.
So a guide how to configure the Raspberry Pi, Matrix Creator and Mycroft would be very helpfull.


I’m interested in trying this. Do you mind sharing the setup steps in a bit more detail? Thanks!

I made a Step-by-step Tutorial: