Need one Raspberry Pi for each Matrix board?



I intend to buy some matrix boards (1 Matrix Creator, 7 Matrix Voice) I need one raspberry Pi for each board? How I do to integrate all them? The project is for an personal assistant like Jarvis, that will be running in one Raspberry Pi.


Hi @Trix,

MATRIX Creator board needs a Raspberry Pi to work, however, the MATRIX Voice board can work both with Rasp Pi and standalone (the Raspberry Pi is needed for first time setup and programming). So, you could use just one Pi in theoric but I would recommend at least two Raspberry Pi as a minimal setup in your project. Off course you could have more Raspberry Pis aswell :).



Also Important to note that currently voice recognition demos available for MATRIX Voice work using the Raspberry Pi, so if you are planning to run voice recog in all MATRIX Voices maybe is a good idea to get Raspberry Pis for them too.

Let us know how it goes.



Thank you for your reply.
I think I will buy just 1 Matrix Creator, 1 Matrix Voice and 2 Raspberry Pis, to run some tests, if I achieve the results I what I want, I buy the other sets.