Need to shout the Wakeword and then speak normally



i have build up the Alexa example for the matrix creator and it works fine… Exept 1 thing…

i MUST SHOUT the wakeword “alexa” that she hears me and makes "bing"
but then i can turn around and speak as in a normal conversation …

only the wakeword…

this have such disturbung results that my 2 genereic echo dots in other rooms try to answer me when i shout he wakeword …

any idea how to solve this issue ?


Hi @hannesdi,

Check your asoundrc files what channel are you are using. Normally the beamforming channel matrix_micarray_channel_8 has higher gain. Try and let us know.



Yes, this helped , its much better. not perfect but much better :wink:

Thank you for the hint