New Raspian Update


I was using the matrix for some but had to reset my raspberry pi, when I went back to reinstall the kernel modules I have been getting numerous errors relating to the kernel header.

I read the matrix on this page: that it only works on the current versions, I have tried following these steps but no luck, would this be my problem?

I really need help as my college project is due tomorrow and im using the matrix creator for it :frowning:

Im using raspian 9.9 now.


in kernel 4.19 codec got replaced by component. i’ll have a look and make some tests, if i find some quick fixup
… there got more things broken / changed with the newer kernel, i got it compiled but i’m lacking alsa development experience so the sound stuff will actually not work, but i got the other stuff working. i’m now testing a simple recoring.

i have downgraded my rpi kernel to 4.14 and now everything is working again, but the drivers still need to be refactored, to keep up with the new raspbian kernel, for future updates.

I experience the same problems with the new Raspbian release (version 2019-04-08).

However I can install ‘matrix-creator-hal’ and run the demos including the recorder examples.

I can go back to 4.14, but hopefully the kernel-modules and installation in the current Raspbian release is fixed soon.

Hi @randlea2,

Were you able to get your project working? We’ll have to look into the kernel update to see what changes we need to make it compatible. I hope your project worked, and I apologize for this last minute problem you had to encounter!

We will post an update once we have the fix. Thank you for your patience!


Thanks for getting back to me, it took so long though :frowning:

I had to downgrade to Raspbian 9.8 and install all of the packages from source, it was just a trial and error method but I luckily got it done, you also have to ensure not to enter any of the sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade commands

Do you have any update on the Zigbee buffer overflow error?


Hey @randlea2,

Glad you got it to work!

Sorry about the delay, we were actually at the Bay Area Maker Faire this past week, and so were a bit preoccupied!

We are working on a fix for the Raspbian update, will let you know about that soon.

Are you still having the same buffer overflow zigbee issues? We don’t have a fix yet, and I haven’t received that error recently. Let me know.


P.S. For those of you having MATRIX kernel module issues with the April, 2019 Raspbian and looking for a fresh install, here is the older Raspbian image that works with all our libraries.

We will update as soon as we have the fix for the latest release!


Yes unfortunately im still having this error :frowning:

In your reply you said to reboot after every process, im confused to what a process is? do i need to reboot after the cmake and make etc?



Is there any update? Im not able to update my system until its fixed…


Yes! We have a temporary workaround while we update the kernel module code. You can find it here: Kernel Modules 4.19 Workaround

Regarding the Zigbee workaround, I meant to reboot after uninstalling the matrixio-malos-zigbee service, and then rebooting after reinstalling it.

So, simply

sudo apt-get remove matrixio-malos-zigbee --purge-all
sudo reboot


sudo apt-get install matrixio-malos-zigbee
sudo reboot

If you install from package like above, you shouldn’t need to clone, & cmake, make, etc. I haven’t tried uninstalling & reinstalling with compiling from source.

Brillant thank you very much!