Newbie question - use with "other" pies

Hi I’m thinking to get a Creator, to try out on my Rock Pi 4. I’m going to run Debian Stretch ARM64 (not armhf) on the Rock Pi 4, my question is: is everything here open source I can compile for ARM64?

I ordered a Google Coral board too, I hope Matrix will work on that one as well, that will open the door to a lots of whole new possibilities. Thank you.


Yes, everything we have is open sourced. The only thing we don’t have open is the DSP on the mics but that shouldn’t be a problem for you since you are not trying to delve into those algorithms.

As long as the GPIO mapping is the same, you have everything you need to compile for different boards/OSes even though we only provide support for the Raspberry Pi with Raspbian Stretch OS.


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Hit the first bummer already. The Matrix init package has dependency on WiringPi, that’s a Raspberry specific library. The Rock Pi I’m using doesn’t have a ported WiringPi.

So my project has been stretched even before I could test drive my Creator. I understand it’s not Matrix’s fault, but I’d like to give a heads up to anyone planning on “other pies”, there are some works to start!

I wish the dependency could be configurable to use alternatives like libmraa