NFC Reader examples


I’m desperately searching for documentations, examples or use cases for the NFC Reader of the Matrix Creator card. The only posts I can find are 3 years old, and no one seems to have succeeded in using this NFC reader… or at least no one has shared any code or doc to help others use it !

If one of you have information on this, please share ! Matrix Creator is a wonderfiul product, but with very very poor documentation and code examples, so it happens to be a bit useless for anything else than rotating leds !

Is there any Matrix team member here ?

Hi @Neoshadow,

Welcome to our community!

Our current release of MATRIX software does not support NFC. We have plans to develop it for future versions.

How are you looking to use NFC? Any feedback on what features you are looking for with NFC will help us hone in on what is useful for our community.

We would also appreciate any specific feedback you may have for our documentation. We are always improving it to make the MATRIX platform clearer and easier to use.

Please let us know if we can help in any way with the use case for the project you are working on.