No device secret showing but devices registering

i type the following
Registering a new device.
Device Registration – device name mike
Device Registration – device description
Device registration request formed…
Registering device…
New Device d82c58831483
Device registered succesfully

but after this noting just a flashing cursor

i tried it 3 times and nothing.
i dited devices and i get this

Device ID │ Name │ Description │ ok │ Last Online │
│ d58e413ca591 │ MikePiMatrix │ test │ no │ 47 years ago │
│ d82c58831483 │ mike │ │ no │ 47 years ago │
│ d8e6ac240adb │ matrix1 │ first │ no │ 47 years ago │

but i cant continue without the device secret

From previous exchange with @diego.ribero about this issue here :

Hey @JaNe,
sorry to hear this, it looks like the update isn’t successfully
grabbing the latest, v1.1.18, we are going to review and get back to you
on this soon.