No output of audio_output from matrix_creator_hal


I’m trying to use audio_output.cpp to play the audio from Pi headphone jack. (I use Matrix Creator)
The command I use:

./audio_output --raw_file=mic_16000_s16le_channel_8.raw --output=H --volumen=100 --sampling_frequency=16000

The raw_file comes from the output of ./micarray_recorder_direct.

But there nothing happens. What should we expect from this audio_output file?

I use

aplay mic_16000_s16le_channel_8.wav

to test the headphone jack, it can play sound normally.

Please help. I think the audio_output.cpp is not working properly.

I’d try to play a known good wav file first to see if you can hear it. Then troubleshoot from there. It could be a mic issue.

A few weeks ago after an update, my mic’s quit working so my recorded files were truly nothing.

See ya’,

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Hi @sjmill01 , thanks for replying. But as I mentioned, I tested to play the wav file using aplay, it works. So it shouldn’t be the mic issue.