Noisy neighbours

Hi !
Just found the matrix community and it looks promising.

Having had a lot of stress from nightly and daily noise from my neighbours here inside the house,
especially during the night i often can not say with certainty from which direction the noise arrives. Therefore I am searching for a device that could record and save the evidence ( of the sound moment and the direction it is comming from) of the nuisance from my neighbours and hopefully be able to analyse / see this on a graph on a computer.

My question is this possible with matrix voice / rasp pi combi and will i be able to save the files on a pc were i can analyse it ?
I saw that Odas is used as reporting tool ? Can it record and save ? Is Odas to be used on the raspberry pi then ? Other good option out there ?

I am not a developer / pc expert myself but i do use linux ubuntu.

Hope you can shed some light on this.

Thank you,