Offline voice recognition - examples / tutorial


is it possible to use this hardware with offline voice recognition software? if yes, does a example or tutorial exist somewhere?
in the manual I have only seen cloud based suggestions.

Yes, the Voice and or Creator can be used as a microphone for Snips.

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Hi @Matr913ix, as @Romkabouter mentioned, you can install as an offline voice assistant with your MATRIX device. Below is a link to the installation guide:

thanks for your really fast answers =)

in the linked tutorial it seems that it’s only working when main-computer is on, but I also found another tutorial not mentioning a “big” computer - so my next question is: is it possible to use Matrix Voice (or Creator) with Snips on Raspberry Pi (without need for a “big computer”)? I want to use it to start the big computer, so it would be bad if the computer needs to be on already to do so


The Sam CLI tool, installed on your main computer, is only used to manage/deploy your assistants. Once you make and deploy an assistant, your Raspberry Pi will run it standalone.