One LED not working

One led light seems to be broken, is there a way to fix it or change it? what module is it?

Hmm which one is broken, all colors of them? maybe it is an addressing problem.

The module should be:

Hi, one is completely off, no colors working, it was working before. I’m using Google Assistant demo, so I don’t know what could have changed as it was working before.

Hi @adrianlee

I don’t think is possible to damage the LED by software so either the LED is still good and the issue is in the software or is a hardware issue.

  • Are you talking about a MATRIX Creator or a Voice board?
  • What specific LED? They have labels D1, D2…
  • Do you know if the board have suffered a fall?
  • Can you tell if all colors are bad or just an specific one?

The LEDs are connected in a chain, so when a LED stop working completely all LEDs after that one in the chain won’t get the signal with the color data. This doesn’t seems your case right?


Just a heads up, in the Google Assistant Matrix code, there was an error (not sure if it’s fixed now) causing the last led (or first, can’t remember) not to work.

Thank you @IronClaw,

I will take a look to this and find a solution