Only blue light on boot

Fired up my new Matrix Voice out of the box and no yellow boot leds…
It is mated to the Pi board that came with it. MicroSD is in place. It is connected to a HDMI display and wireless keyboard and mouse (through dongle). The PI boots normally to LXPanel 0.9.3
Any thoughts on what I am missing?

Hi @Brian1,

If you are talking about the MATRIX Voice Kit, you won’t have the yellow boot LEDs since we test the Pi before packaging it up with the kit image! Your kit should have a few folders on the Desktop matrix-core-project, matrix-hal-project and matrix-lite-project. Those are our development packages of different complexity levels using different programming languages. If you run the following, you will be able to see an LED sequence.

cd matrix-lite-project/js-matrix-lite-app
node everloop.js

Similarly, you should be able to run all the other examples, and edit them as necessary! You can find more info on our libraries in our documentation.

Just saw your other question, addressing that now. :smile:


Another note, we shipped your kit to you before we found a fix for a major Raspbian update with MATRIX kernel modules (Raspbian Linux kernel 4.19). Yours currently has Raspbian Linux kernel 4.14.

If you ever run the following commands

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

And audio examples or the commands arecord & aplay start breaking, please follow the instructions below.

Purge your old kernel modules

sudo apt purge matrixio-kernel-modules

Then reboot

sudo reboot

Install the latest kernel modules

sudo apt install matrixio-kernel-modules

Then reboot

sudo reboot

And that should solve it!

Our latest kit image also has the latest Raspbian with the updated kernel modules and also includes MATRIX Lite Py. Here is the new kit image in case you ever want to flash it!