Playing audio out of speaker connector on Matrix Voice

Hi Rom,
I need some clarifications:

  1. why do I need to write an ESP32 program for read from the micArray and send output via the 3.5 jack? I think that I need to program the board but not the ESP32;
  2. consider that I’ll buy a matrix voice standard version without ESP32, in this board I have the 3.5mm jack so I need to program something on the board
  3. The cable solution will be the best fr my university project… Do you know someone that could write this code? in example You or someone of matrix team, I will be happy to contribute with a donation.
  1. Yes, you could also program the FPGA but I do not have knowlegde for that.
  2. See 1
  3. I do not know the details of your project, but you could try my repo which sends audiodata to a MQTT broker

I’m having trouble getting clear audio out of the speaker connection on the matrix voice at low volumes.

The quality out of the 3.5mm jack is crystal clear on the MV out to my amplified speakers (I’m not using the 3.5mm jack on the raspberry pi at all)

If I increase the volume with alsamixer to around 70-80% the sound is clean over the speaker connection without any crackling/ fuzzy noise.

Is anyone else having this issue with the speaker connection?

It could be an issue with the onboard amplifier?

If it’s just a problem on my end and it’s working for everybody else, let me know.