Please provide a beginner friendly community and manual

Dear “MATRIX Creator” team.

I am a Linux novice and I am enjoying small electronic work with “Arduino” and “RaspberryPi” recently.
“MATRIX Creator” is a dreamlike electronic sensor board with a lot of sensors and FPGAs, but the reference manual is very poor.
As recently as I had the opportunity to purchase “Onion Omega 2 +” from Kikstarter, this reference manual and community are very substantial and very friendly to beginners.
Please provide a beginner friendly community and manual as well.

Also recently Github has not been updated and I feel very sad.
I am very much looking forward to the release of “Custom Raspbian Package”, but I am worried lately that it will be released.

“MATRIX Creator” Teams,
please enhance the reference manual and community and raise the wonderful “MATRIX Creator”.
I want you to become “MATRIX Creator” that will give us a dream.

Hiromichi Yoshida


Totally agree. The hardware looks very neat however I believe most people just want to build software that easily interact with the sensors in a reliable way. A set of well written documentation will save people lots of time from searching for scattered pieces of information.

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As far as possible you can view connections and steps in a friendly way, such as the raspberry site has excellent documentation.

Thanks !

I think the reason they have not done this yet, might mainly be because they are still working on the software, so it would be a lot of work to write it all as it is now, and then they will need to update it every time they make updates.

I would really like to see it as well though. Maybe a wiki or something for the Matrix Creator that could show and explain different projects, have some installation manuals and such.

So far I have used this:

And I looked up some other guides as well.

Recently the information has increased little by little, so I think so too.

I was able to work “MATRIX creator” according to the basic operation procedure they created.
However, it was not enough for beginners like me to develop applications.

The Alexa example of “” is very good.
I am looking forward to the development procedure, tutorials and samples of such beginner application development.