PulseAudio and PyAudio Support

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It seems that the PyAudio / Pulseaudio support is still not working on the Matrix Voice even after updating to the drivers that were released yesterday. It works okay with the arecord -r 16000 -c 1 -f S16_LE but the volume is very week. When i try to use the rec command which uses sox it sounds like a high pitched squeal.

Hello @spacemunkey77

No PyAudio/PulseAudio is still in development.

The arecord works with a default configuration inside the codec. But with MALOS you could not change the volume gain. Thank you to report this issue.

Did you stop malos? If you want to use the HAL demos you need to stop the execution of the other software that uses the SPI bus.


Kevin Patino

I’ve switched from the Matrix voice back to using my Creator for audio input and Audio channel 8 sounds normal now :slight_smile: still awaiting pyAudioi support so I can get python-pocketsphinx 0.1.3 working :smiley:

Soon, very soon :smile:

Matrix uses inverse dogyears to calculate time though… so “Soon” takes 7x longer that you’d normally expect.

Been waiting for a year on this now :frowning:

@kevindpatino @yoelrc88 is there any time frame on the release of the alsa/PulseAudio kernel modules?
I understand that sometimes releases take longer because of unexpected problems, but this is getting tedious.
Or at least a way the pre version can be tested?

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Hello @superqua @IronClaw and every one. We apologize for the long time wait. But I just want to share with you that we are really close. Now we just recorded with pyaudio.

So now we are working on few details, we are so close to finishing it.

Thak You for your support!

I expect that next week I could share with you great news!


Kevin Patino


And there was much rejoicement! \o/

That is great news @kevindpatino. I can’t wait for the implementation and to start experimenting with it. Thanks for the update!

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