Purchase device

Good afternoon! Tell me where can I buy a device from this video videos youtube?

Is there a Russian-speaking community?

Thank you

Google translator

Hello @NooBAsTiK,

That device is not currently available for purchase. If you have any further questions about it please email alfred.gonzalez@matrixlabs.ai

As for your question about a Russian-speaking community, our devices are sold globally (including in Russia) so it is very possible that there is a Russian-speaking community discussing our devices. Since our community is almost entirely in English we would suggest looking on Russian maker forums and sites.

Regardless, we are always here to help and Google translate works pretty well. :slight_smile:


And when is the sale planned? And is it planned at all? I would like to use them in my home.

In Russia is not very popular device. I got myself raspberry 3B+ and matrix creator, I will try to do something