PyAudio and Mycroft

It looks like this is an often lamented subject. I’m trying to get the MC beam device accessible from Mycroft which is using pyaudio. Is there any news on when the MC will support pyaudio w/o resorting to a work-around?

Hopefully soon. We are expecting to support pyaudio this week or next ones. But we are very close to release it.

Any updates. I assume that i can upgrade my MC end of week, right? Or does ‘soon’ equal ‘months’ as it was the case in the past with regards to PyAudio / Pulseaudio?

Hi @Sphinx, we are very close to finish the support. Yes, my best guess is that in this week we can have it supported.

It’s ready when it’s done.

Let’s put our hope to Christmas as millions of others do :slight_smile:

About 3 weeks to Christmas 2017:-)

Any updates, two weeks to Christmas:-)

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Any updates? One week to Christmas 2017:-)

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It’s Christmas time, at least for me :wink:

I have bought a competitor’s product, my first lines of Python code

import pyaudio

I will compare both devices once PyAudio is ready for MC, maybe next Christmas :slight_smile:

Which product did you buy if I may ask?

I’m getting a little tired waiting on Matrix to implement proper pyaudio support. My project has been halted for nearly half a year now, waiting on the promised implementations :frowning:

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Hey ironclaw,. I got a 4 mic respeaker and it works really well with

Hi guys, currently there is a kernel module that support portaudio/pyaudio here. Following the instructions should be easy to test it using the example python app using pyaudio.

There will be an official release in coming days but what is there is working fine.

Thank you for the patience.
Let us know how it goes.