PYTHON examples .... again (sorry)

Hi mates. Your updates to the python examples have helped immensely. Thanks so much. However, I have 2 problems I’m hoping you can help me with.


The java examples all work flawlessly, and give solid data from the sensors.

pi@bob:~/matrix-creator-malos/src/js_test $ node test_humidity.js 
Sending pings every 5 seconds{ humidity: 35.108612060546875,
  temperature: 24.42932891845703,
  temperature_raw: 34.37438201904297,
  temperature_is_calibrated: true }

However, the python examples are coming back zero.

pi@bob:~/matrix-creator-malos/src/python_test $ python 
Connected to publisher with port 20028
Connected to publisher with port 20020
Connected to publisher with port 20032
pressure: None
humidity: None
uv: None

Has anybody had any luck with these?


There is an example for accessing IMU data in the MALOS source examples, but none in the python. As I’m a certified dumbass-newbie, I’m having a little trouble porting these to python. My python skiils haven’t developed to that level yet.

I’d really appreciate a working python example to access the IMU, or any advice to get me started.


Hi @bryce,

Few questions about this:

  • Have you tried all the others python examples from here? If yes, how did it go with the ?
  • To port the IMU example to python use both the js_tests and the as a guide on how to talk with MALOS from python. Share your code and we can help. We will release a python IMU example as well but the current example serve a a guide for it.


Hi Yoel.

The Everloop example works fine. I understand that one.
But the test_sensors returns no data.

If anyone has a minute of free time, could you please check this one for me?


It’s producing no results on my machine, and I need to verify if it’s just my machine, or a problem with the script itself.
Please help me out.

Confirmed, same (empty) output with Python sensors example.

Yeah Sphinx. Sorry to say that I couldn’t get it working, and no help from the MATRIX team.

In the end, I gave up and bought a SenseHAT.

Sad to hear that. I am also struggling, especially with the missing PyAudio support which would make life much easier. Also looking for alternatives if i cant use the device like initially planned.

Hi guys,

I’ve submitted a pull request on the main repo that updates the python files to work with the latest versions of the api and the protobuffs. In the mean time you can clone my fork which contains working python (2/3) examples running alongside the latest malos as of 5/30/17.

You can checkout my PR here:


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Awesome @JetBlackPope many thanks :slight_smile:

I tried to get Python examples running but I get the error message:
“Import Error: No module named driver_pb2”

How can i install the driver?
Does anybody know, which package seems not be installed correctly?