Python project to easily control Everloop


I thought I’d share my project here which I made to create various LED animations with everloop. I wanted the led blinking to be non-blocking from the app that uses it so I also made a helper class that runs the animations in a thread. The “real” use case behind this is to blink leds as a reaction to snowboy hotword detection. And this is only the beginning, there’s more to come…

So please check it out, I hope it will be of use to someone!


Hey Accu! Thanks for sharing your work! I’m interested in trying this out… Sorry in advance for my noobness, I’m kind of a hardware kind of guy and just getting started with Node and Python.

Could you please indicate me how exactly can I execute this on my Matrix?


First, make sure malos is running. Then follow the steps below:

  1. git clone
  2. navigate to folder and pip install -r requirements.txt (though it’s recommended to use a virtualenv)
  3. python
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