Python Support and Documentation

Is it possible to use Python to program/control Matrix?
If yes, where is the documentation?
If not, are you planning to develop some python support (and if so, do you have a date)?

There are two approaches to using Python with the Matrix. Neither of which is formally documented.

One is to attach to 0MQ on MALOS. Look at the JS examples to see the approach we’re using (

Two, which is a few months out, will be native support for Python on MATRIX OS ( ). This will be the easiest approach. We’re still finalizing our JS API, once that is done and seems successful for users, Python is next.

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The promise of Python support is why I finally purchased. Though I did wait until the last 24 hours, mainly to decide if I should buy one or two.

I bought two.

Hi! there are now Python support???

I’m still hoping for/waiting on Python support as well!

Python support would really help me as well.

Same here. Really don’t want to port existing code base to nodejs.

Hey guys, really looking forward to Python support.
Do we have any information on when it might be ready?

Ya, me too. I bought this expecting the python support as mentioned in the video. Come on mates!! Show me your python…no, not that python.

Python support is appreciated.

Any update on this? Thanks either way!

Looks like a dead end here, especially regarding the usage of the micarray.

Hi all,

Sorry about this long wait. Just to inform that we have a better support now with examples for python regarding all the sensors and the LEDs. These python example talk with our MALOS layer using protocol buffers and zmq. See here :

Regarding the mics, we are working on full support for pyaudio/portaudio. Please be patient, we will be releasing it not too far. Meanwhile you can use workarounds like this to record from python.

Please share any questions regarding this.



Many thanks for the update.

Workarounds like the above for audio recording are used by many of us but the biggest issue is that many speech recognition projects out there use pyaudio / portaudio and its a quasi standard with regards to audio handling within Python. We have luck that for instance snowboy supports MC though pyaudio is missing by using alsa.

Looking forward for proper Python audio support with pyaudio / portaudio. Hopefully this doesn’t take several months again. If i am not wrong those issues are raised about September / October 2016.

Thank you.


pyaudio/portaudio support almost done ! check out this post !PulseAudio and PyAudio Support?



great you, just testet it on my creator:

  • accessed the sensors with python libiio, it seems to work, but a newer mcu firmware is needed
  • wrote some bytes to the new /dev/matrixio_everloop character device it works, but it would be nice if it is adressed in the order R G B W and not R G W B - on the SPI it was G R B W.
  • sound: alsamixer is not working on my device (not tried to test it further), but pyaudio does a nice record :sweat_smile: - nice


  • GPIO are also working fine on my device :+1:

looking forward to update the paython-matrixio-hal drivers to support the new kernel modules

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Hi @loom,

  • Alsamixer still not been worked on.
  • Will look in the RGBW order

Thanks for the feedback !

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