Question: Can I pull off the upper part of the GPIO header?

In my set up, I’d like to connect the GPIO using a ribbon cable, the header on Creator is too tall for me. It seems the upper part of the header can be separated, but I’m not sure if it’s glued together. Can I pull the top part off? Thanks.

Hey @O635789,

The entire GPIO header is actually 1 component and is not glued together.

If all you need are the GPIO pins in order to connect into your ribbon cable than in theory you could break off the plastic cover and cut the pins down to size. We have never tried this and we are not advising you to do that but it could potentially work. :wink:

You could also just desolder the GPIO header and solder on some GPIO pins but that can take a while and there is the possibility that you could damage a component (such as the LEDs) while doing that.

Just a disclaimer that any modification like the ones mentioned above would void your warranty so hack at your own risk.

Good luck!

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