Questions and suggestions for a design with Matrix creator and Zigbee to mesure Heart Rate

I’d like to make a projet with Matrix creator and zigbee for mesuring heart rate. But I can’t find heart rate sensor supported ZIGBEE. So I have to choice a normal heart rate sensor like CMS50M SPO2 and then connect with Matrix.

A simple system design picture like below.
.The results will send to database computer for analyse.
.And I’d like also controle mesure with voice. Like when I say “Show me the result of analyse” ,the Matrix will send datas to computer via ZIGBEE.
.Automatically calling the people or alert in case of emergency

So my questions are:

  1. How many matrix creator do I need for this mesure system?
    Personnally think,I need 3 matrix. Matrix 1 for connect heart rate sensor with microcontroller et transmit the datas mesured via Zigbee; and Matrix 2 for receive datas mesured and connect to computer for analyse.And matrix 3 for a coordinator ZIGBEE network.

2.Do I alos need a matrix additional as a router if I just want to creat a zigbee network.

3.If I want to control zigbee light , can matrix 3 do these works? Or I need add some other matrix to control lights?

Thanks much for your answer and suggestions.

Anyone can answer my question?

hmm why do you want to use a second creator for receiving the data from creator 1. i would use wifi to communicate with the rpi and the creator 1. creator 1 can control everything including the zigbee light.

i think you only need one creator for voice detection and mayby a second rpi or an esp32 for the heart detector if it does not work with the gpio pins on the creator.

I would use creator for the heart detector and other healthy datas detector, and then transfert through ZIGBEE net work.

So how use creator to collect these healthy datas? There is no zigbee healthy datas detectors.

After measure datas,we need to send these datas to another ZIGBEE divice. No? That’s I would like to use creator 2 to receive datas. If no ,how to ?

with caution, i never tested this completly and i’m not responsible for anything :slight_smile:

the question is how do the data detectors connect to hardware? i2c / SPI / serial / 1wire?

as the creator is relatively complex connected internaly to its hardware:

sensors <-i2c-> mcu <-i2c-> fpga <-spi-> rpi (hal drivers / kernel drivers)

extending it with other hardware is quite painful.

i would suggest an other hardware for connecting the health sensors maybe using some tiny esp32 with mqqt for sending data to a controlserver trough wifi or even LoRa (range 10km)
something like:

in my knowledge zigbee is connected through the rpi uart to the fpga (redirecting the zigbee/z-wave device as uart, you have to choose one) the rpi i2c is also on the same bus as the mcu so you can use the sensors directly with the rpi over i2c and not trough the fpga, but keep in mind the mcu will also communicate on the same bus, if you do not disable it. you can attach additional hardware to the i2c on the creator (pin18 / pin20), but this depends how your sensors needs to be connected.

More information how the hardware is connected: