"readerTimeout" forever

Hi. Sorry for my English. I just start to work on Matrix Voice and Rasp Pi 3 for few days. I followed the instruction on Hackster.io to run Alexa C++ version. At the final step, after the message “Alexa is currently idle”, the terminal shows:
2020-03-13 17:56:16.770 [ 13] I AbstractKeywordDetector:readFromStreamFailed:reason=readerTimeOut

thousands time. The leds remain blue. When I say “Alexa”, nothing change. When I type “t” and Enter, the led changes to Green, one more time, the led go red.Please give some advices.
Thank for your time.


I Googled the error and it seems it is a common error that occurs on some installations of the Alexa SDK, Try installing pulseaudio as recommended at the end of this post.

sudo apt install pulseaudio