Recognition and face service are not working on matrix creator

Hello Everyone!

I have matrix creator and I’m trying to try the matrix recognition/train service or the matrix face detection service.
I have tried this faceTest which is matrix-os application for detecting a face.
I have also tried this recogTest which is another matrix-os application for training and recognizing faces using specific tags.
Unfortunately, neither of these two apps worked, I have positioned my camera from different angles, changed the lighting in the room but nothing is working.
Sometimes I get this message on my terminal ‘recognition is available but not activated’ , is there something I have to activate? Are these services still exist (knowing that I couldn’t find any documentation for them on the matrix creator website)? do I need to do something specific?

Please if someone has any idea let me know.
Your help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @alialsaeedi19. Currently the MATRIX Open System (MOS) programming environment is under maintenance so some applications on the MATRIX App Store may not work as intended. While MOS is under maintenance, we recommend that you use MATRIX CORE or MATRIX HAL.

Regarding MATRIX Computer Vision, we’re currently restructuring the implementation for MATRIX devices. At the present time we recommend using an alternative, such as OpenCV.