Request for OS image download

What is the status of a Buster implementation?
Is it possible for Matrix to create an image of Buster with full implementation of Creator features?
Also would it be possible to provide an image, either Stretch or Buster, with Google, Alexa, Snips, Snowboy and many of the Hacksterio projects implemented and working?
I have a Creator and a Voice unit, trying to get your projects running on Stretch and Buster, but always run into issues with conflicts, be it Alsa,Pyaudio,Segmentation faults etc. A clean working image of all these projects and capabilities would be a lifesaver.

Hello @rickmini,

Welcome to the community :smile:

We recently added Buster support for the MATRIX Creator!

Regarding images, we don’t do that since most of those guides require account details and device registration that need to be done at various stages of implementation.

Feel free to post about the errors you are having with any of those guides. That way, we can try our best to eliminate those kinds of issues for everyone.

Disclaimer: Since we just recently developed support for Buster, we have yet to test all our guides using it, and so issues may arise that we have not solved yet. Working on that!