Rhasspy voice assistant


i wonder if anybody has managed to set up a Matrix Voice (on a RPi) together with Rhasspy. Maybe you could share your setup in particular:

Have you got some tips for beginners, some further resources or tutorials, that you have used?

Thank you :smiley:

I have not, but please do share any experience, I’m currently working on this as well.

What I’m thinking so far is:

  • Wake word: Porcupine
    • Might change though, I can’t seem to get from their website if you can only the optimizer 5 times total, or have 5 different you can re-train as many times as you want.
  • Command listener: webrtcvad
  • Speech-to-text: Kaldi
    • Might move this to the server eventually.
  • Intent recognition: fsticuffs
    • Speed, baby!
  • Text-to-speech: PicoTTS
    • Would have used MaryTTS, but couldn’t find a docker image that works on armhf (RPi)

I’ll let you know if I get something to something usable. Please do the same, since I’m also pretty much just poking stuff with a stick, and seeing what happens at this point.

At the moment i’m struggeling to get my mic and especially my speakers setup. The strange thing is, that if i select the Matrix Voice device in the config and press save, it restarts. After the restart however the default device is selected (which i don’t know which one this is).
A even bigger problem is that my external soundcard isn’t even listed in “Audio”. :frowning:
Have you got any experience with that?

From what I can see, the microphone will always say Default Device after you save, but the changes should still be made. For the mics, I selected:

Use arecord directly (ALSA)

  • Input Device: hw:CARD=MATRIXIOSOUND,DEV=0: Direct hardware device without any conversions
  • Click test

Speaker worked for me when I plugged it into the audio jack.

Yes, that seems to work. Microphone and speaker (mini-jack) works, rhasspy sends MQTT to Home Assistant.

Now though, the RPi3B+ becomes unresponsive after a short while. The web interface works OK for a while, but testing the voice commands sort of freezes. And after a short while, even the SSH connection breaks.

@Carlos, do you have it (every component) running on a Raspberry Pi? And is it functional? If so, could you share which components you are using?

Hey @Aephir,
I haven’t tested much but my assistant was still running after a few hours of being on. Here’s a bullet list of what I have:

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Maybe that’s it, I’m trying with an older Pi3B+. I have a 4GB RPi4 lying around, if unloading processing doesn’t work, I might try that. Thanks!

@Mondmonarch I haven’t really used any tutorials, mainly used the official docs. Are you still having issues? If so, I can try to find what I’ve used?

@Aephir at the moment i’m short in time, but moving towards to the christmas vacation, i’ll try to get it working :slight_smile:
But i’m also using a Pi3B+, is that an issue?

No clue. I just know that my RPi3B+ seems to freeze, but I can’t say for certain if this is because Matrix/Rhasspy is too much, of because of something something else. I’ll do some testing once I have a bit more time.

But if it is a limitation of the Pi3, there is the option to send audio for processing somewhere else (remote HTTP server) for the heavy lifting.

Tried Rhasspy on Stretch on a Pi 3B+ and was having issues getting it to work. On the same Pi 3B+ with Buster though, the assistant worked with the ALSA microphone of MATRIXIO-SOUND card 2, device 0 selected in “Settings”.

We’re still not sure about the reliability but we’re working on a base guide for Rhasspy to be released soon which will hopefully help people get set up with it.


This would be great. I think as a consequence of the snips.ai shutdown lot’s of people are thinking about moving to rhasspy
Thank you very much in advance :smiley:

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