Run Matrix CLI from another raspberry pi?

I plan on using this matrix creator as part of an autonomous robot in the near future, and I’m wondering if there’s a short answer as to whether the matrix cli can be used on another raspberry pi that isn’t connected to the matrix. The key to it is that it has to be autonomous and mobile–so no running the CLI from a laptop or my desktop.

Has anyone tried this? The documentation is unclear as to whether it would work.

I am not an expert of matrix creator, but I want to run it locally, as well.
I have started to use the HAL directly. There is some demos available (matrix-creator-hal) where you can see how to use the API.

Of course you then must be able to program in C ;-).

I’ll take a look at those examples, thanks! Though I haven’t bothered with C in ages :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m fine with running the CLI on a separate computer, though, as long as that computer is another pi. What I’m working with already utilizes multiple pis, so that’s nbd. I’m just confused about what little it says in the documentation about it–obviously, the CLI wouldn’t be installed on the pi attached to the matrix creator, but could it run on another pi? Is there something preventing that from working?

i don’t think that should be a problem. If you want to test and don’t have another pi, install the cli on the same pi attached to the creator and tries to make a simple login or anything like that.