Running locally - matrix-lite-js

The installation guide for matrix-lite says to compile it on the actual device (

In general JS development I want to do it write and test the code locally and then push to the server. Is the idea with Matrix to write the code directly on the PI?

My ideal would be to be able to run it locally to at least see if it will compile / no build time errors.

Hey @joshcrowder,

Because matrix-lite-js directly calls HAL, it needs to run on the Raspberry Pi. Generally we use an SSH session with an SFTP client (usually cyber duck) to easily upload our code.

However, if you ever need to compile something, you can use Docker to simulate a Raspberry Pi. We actually do this to compile the matrix-lite-py library! You can’t run/test what you compile, but it should work on a Raspberry Pi.

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