Running matrix without internet connection -offline use

Hi all,
i started with matrix voice on a raspberry pi because i dont want to use Alexa or Googles assistant in a cloud.
i was confused about all the modules that can be installed. With a matrix voice you get pointed to the matrix creator which is not the same. that is the first thing that is very confusing to newbies.
On the first try i get all the demos running. I am not a programmer…so it was difficult to find the right modules for me but in the end it works as expected. Then i connected my raspberry camera to to the Pi3.
Start to try deploying apps…and the matrix-cli - i need to register on a cloud service…and at least at That is exactly what i not want to do…connect my device to a cloud based service…

can anyone tell me what i need to do to use matrix voice in an offline mode?

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Hi, you can use Snips as an offline assistant. Of course it’s not as good as google or alexa, but works good enough for some smart home controls.

Here is a tutorial: