Setting up google assistant on matrix voice

Has anyone been able to set up google assistant on matrix voice recently?

I tried it on buster and at the last step of the google SDK, it failed. I did some research and apparently, it’s only compatible with stretch?

so I install stretch and I get a bunch of SSL errors and can’t install the matrix kernel etc?

This seems like a very very dead project and a lot and I mean ALOT of the code across the website is outdated and not updated. including a lot of guides.

can’t believe I bought the matrix voice, it’s just a paperweight to me.

the only thing i got working is the hal-ESP32 even then you have to find your own work arounds.

everything else is outdated and not working.

please correct me if i am wrong. would love to get google assistant working. tried everything the past 48 hours.

@ Samreen