Simple projects to get started

I am working with my nephew who is super interested in this sort of thing. We’ve been perplexed at the number of special purpose complex projects that just don’t always work. I think you folks have really started something here.

Have you considered putting together some super simple projects to help (kids especially) get started? Like maybe using LEDs as a clock, compass, setup monitors for sensor packages, etc?

I’ve seen what you have for examples, looking for more and simpler ones to get folks started with the various aspects of the card, and aspects of the MatrixOS itself.

@ScottChapman about the clock example you have a pretty simple code (-40 lines) here :

but what can cause you some trouble is the setup to run properly the app
We’re here to help if you encounter some difficulties (…like Ive met) :wink:

As a software engineer I can probably figure it out. But kids can’t. Could be
useful to have either a getting started video or step-by-step to follow with

Agree! I wrote a mail to a team member about that.
I guess we have to be patient or do it ourselves

Yea, totally understand about launching new products. It’s a bit of a catch-22, hard to get community engaged without good startup materials…

Very exciting though, would be a great teaching tool for schools!

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