[sloved] Matrix Voice running at alexylem/jarvis

Hello community
I bought the Matrix Voice and the Matrix Voice ESP32 in the hope of using this in conjunction with the “alexylem / jarvis” project Link, as all previously tested microphones were not really capable.
Unfortunately, I have not been able to independently configure one of the micropones to work.
I would be glad, if I get a microphone on the GIPO to run (thought was actually operating the ESP32 as a standalone)
Has anyone ever gotten a Matrix Voice powered up with JARVIS and can I provide instructions?

thank you for your help

Intresting, it all seems very French…

By the looks of it, is uses alsa for mics (Installation video: http://openjarvis.com/content/installation, around 2.15)

So, it might work when you install the kernal modules: https://github.com/matrix-io/matrixio-kernel-modules and choose the correct input device :slight_smile:

That is connecting the Voice to the Pi you are running that project on, not as esp32 stand alone.

Completely agree with you @Romkabouter,

@sickboy2711, please give it a try with the kernel module and let us know here how it goes.


Hello everybody
I have now managed to use the Matrix Voice on JARVIS.
The following procedure was the only one that worked:
First I had to install the drivers for the mic, this is described here: Official guide
Only then did I install and configure Jarvis.
Now it works.
The other way round I did not manage it.

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