Soldering ESP32 onto board

Hi all!
I finally received my Matrix Voice from the 2017 indiegogo campaign. Back then there was no ESP32-version of the board and Matrix would not agree on “upgrading” my campaign order to the ESP-version…
After having taken a closer look at the board now it seems - technically - like a pretty easy job to solder an ESP onto the board by myself. I have no clue though if the board has everything populated to actually run the ESP after the soldering job. Could someone please advise on this issue? Thx in advance.

Yes! Both versions have exactly the same components, the only difference is the ESP32 module. If you feel comfortable soldering the ESP32 module on the board it shouldn’t be too risky.

Let me know how it goes

Hi Joel,

thank you very much for reply. The soldering job took me 3mins. Now I’m good to go!