[Solved] Can I launch Rpi3 with external gpio 5v?

I want to make power input with 5v gpio and gnd gpio on Rpi3.

But Matrix creator use all gpio port.

So I have a question about external gpio of matrix creator.

When I connect to 5v and gnd(23/25 or 24/26) pin of matrix creator external gpio, does Rpi3 and matrix-creator work?


Simple question with picture: two picture(pic1 and pic2) work equivalently?

This way of powering the MATRIX Creator and Raspberry Pi is not recommended because you are bypassing the fuse protection (F3) present in the Raspberry Pi board :
[from https://www.raspberrypi.org/app/uploads/2012/04/Raspberry-Pi-Schematics-R1.0.pdf]

Besides that, it should work, but again, it’s not recommended unless you really know what you are doing and take it your own risk.

Let us know how it goes.

Thank you for your advice.

Exactly, I don’t know what I doing :).

So, we decide using an auxiliary battery for mobile devices(ex. smartphone).

It makes the system to complicate but safety.

We think safety is more important.

Thank you.

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